Specifically engineered, Hermco’s Awning (bi-fold) Mechanisms are a perfect blend of technology and aesthetics, suitable for your special requirements.

Hermco Counterweight Systems

– High Cycle warranties to 100,000 cycles.

– Average Door weight 500 lbs.

– Specially configured for installation requirements showing no tracks or┬ámechanicals, inside or out.

Introducing the Hermco Awning (Bi-Fold) Series of Gravity Powered Counterweight Systems, a patented lifting system designed for high-performance application in any environment.

Suggested uses for the Hermco Awning (Bi-Fold) Systems are:

  • Open Concept Living
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Driving-Range walls
  • Restaurant Patios
  • Security Covers
  • Storefront Awning & Shutter Combination
  • Interior Finished Garages

HERMCO is your unique resource.

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